Things to Do in Semarang: Get Culinary!

Visiting a new place for your next trip holiday, it means you should know everything related to the situation of the city as well. If you have decided to visit Semarang as your next trip holiday, you should know about things to do in Semarang which will guide you to have such as valuable holiday. In this case, don’t forget to taste its traditional foods or its signature dishes before leaving the city. Need to know about what kind of dishes you should try in Semarang is a must.

You need to find out about what kind of foods you can taste while visiting this city. There are some top things to do in Semarang for culinary you should not miss them well. They are:

  1. Lumpia Semarang. It is a kind of lumpia which is filled with the prawns, chicken, dried shrimp, and bamboo shoots and served with sweet chili sauce which is made from baby shallots, red chili pepper, water, coconut sugar, and many ingredients. You can get this dish in many places such as Lumpia Gang Lombok in Jl. Gang Lombok number 11; Loempia Mbak Lien in Jl. Pemuda Gang Grajen number 1; Lumpia Mataram in Jl. Mataram; and Lumpia Express in Jl. Gajah Mada number 142 AA.
  2. Tahu Pong is a popular snack in Semarang which is served with fried tofu, gimbal, and fried bolied egg. You can visit Tahu Pong Gajah mada in Jl. Gajah mada number 63B.
  3. Wingko Babat. It is a kind of Javanese snack like pancake which is made from coconut which can be the best souvenirs for you. You can get it in Wingko Babat Cap Kereta Api in Jl. Cendrawasih number 14 or Wingko Babat NN. Meniko in Jl. Pandean Tamanharjo.
  4. Mie Jowo is a kind of bolied noodles which cooked with Javanese spices taste. You can find this dish in Bakmie Jowo Pak Gareng in Jl. Wot Gandul Dalam number 173; Bakmie Jowo Pak Doel Noemani in Jl. Pemuda number 107; or Mie Jowo Pak Har in Jl. Pringgading.
  5. Soto Semarang. Even if you can see this kind of dish in every city, but sure every city has its different taste, as well as this dish. Soto is a kind of traditional soup of Indonesian which contains of veggies, meat, and broth. You can get this dish in Soto Bokoran in Jl. Plampitan number 55; Soto Mbak Lin in Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan 39; Soto Ayam Bangkong in Jl. Brigjend Sudiarto.
  6. Es Conglik. If you want to taste a legendary and fresh dish, you can try this Es Conglik which can boost your energy after getting around Semarang. It is a kind of traditional ice cream with the toppings such as choco syrup, coconut, avocado, durian, and many more options. You can get this dish in Es Conglik in Jl. Krese number 461.

If you have known and listed the top things to do in Semarang for culinary, it will make you can decide and schedule your visitation to visit and taste those culinary as well.


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