Topmost Reasons why Galaxy S9 is better than S8

Huge display is a trend nowadays and everything loves to have a smartphone with this aspect. Samsung is releasing its next G series model next year, The Galaxy S9, so it is necessary to touch on to the topic of display here in this article.

Let’s start with a little review of Galaxy S8, entering matter, as it cannot be otherwise, the panel of the GS8 and GS8 + is Super AMOLED, which personally I consider the best screen quality due to the representation – lightly saturated colors offered. According to the Korean publications, Company will bring its next G series S9 model with a similar appearance as Galaxy S8 possesses. Galaxy S9 will hit the market next year in a 5.8” AMOLED outfit having edge-to-edge 4K display hooded with latest Corning Gorilla Glass 5 making the smartphone tough and rigid.

The use of this type of panel results in a screen that is easily readable in low light conditions with barely 10% brightness. However, if we lower this percentage in S8, reading could be difficult. In a nutshell, the S8 minimum brightness is markedly low, worth the redundancy. On the other hand, the maximum brightness is unnecessary in adverse conditions of natural light, it is enough with approximately 70% for a correct visualization of the content. But now, we don’t have to worry about brightness issue because, in upcoming Galaxy S9, everything will be cozy and comfortable.

As already mentioned, the color rendering is quite accurate, although for some people it may seem exaggerated due to saturation. White balance and viewing angles are also correct. In reality, there is little that can be said about the screen but it behaves in an outstanding way in almost any situation. The glad news according to the investors is that the forthcoming Galaxy S9 is embellished with 95% Screen to body ratio and with this blessed feature watching videos now is more fun as not a single part of the video will escape from the screen.

Another drawback of Galaxy S8 that will be sorted-out by the placement of Galaxy S9 in the market is the position of the fingerprint sensor. If to all this we add the presence of a new fingerprint sensor in the back, derived from the removal of the frontal and strange physical button and uncomfortably positioned next to the camera, we have a mobile that is far removed from what previously presented by the Company, but that translates into a much-needed breath of fresh air as far as design is concerned. For  Galaxy S9, designers planned a deliberate concept and projected the position of the fingerprint reader to a different location to overcome botheration; faced in the case with Galaxy S8 because of the close positioning of camera and sensor.

Now the topic everyone is keen to know about, the camera. Samsung has not left any inadequacy in fabricating the Galaxy S9 whether it is about display or the camera feature. The 16MP+16MP Dual-lens primary camera and 8MP front camera with a useful supplement of Optical Stabilization are incredible. The highest picture quality and color radiance are just out of the world.

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